Project Tornado with Rusty Garrett
Prepare your students to learn about weather and weather safety
with KWTX's own weather expert, Rusty Garrett.

Connection Recommendation
Connections are tailored to the age of the students, recommended grade levels are 1st-5th.
Younger students sometimes react negatively to the intense nature of the sessions.
If you are outside of those levels and wish to participate, please send me an email.

Prep ( Please review this with your class in depth as it makes the session go 100 times smoother)

1-2 weeks prior to your session, you should have received a packet containing information about:
  • Project Tornado booklet (download a .pdf version )
  • Etiquette during session
  • Possible Materials to help your lesson planning such as book suggestions
  • How to develop good questions to ask Rusty

Setup Camera Presets : Rusty likes to see the kids when they ask questions, so setup some camera presets to help your kids along.

For more information on camera presets, contact your on-site technician or feel free to contact us Kerri Niemeyer or John Ghazzaghat ESC 12 to help you setup.

(be sure to setup about 10-15 minutes prior to the session and have all students bring their Project Tornado Books to class)

  • Each site will introduce their school
  • We will then introduce Rusty to the class
  • Q and A time. Students will ask Rusty their questions (that you have ready before hand)
  • Weather Facts from Rusty
  • Picture Time. Be sure to have a digital camera handy so we can take your picture with Rusty to be featured on the news!

Questions to ask Rusty
Group students to ask questions. Each group should have 3-10 questions (in case another school asks the question). It will work best if during the conference the groups come up to the mic together.

The format should be something like this:
  • Student 1 : "Hello my name is Kerri."
  • Student 2: "Hello my name is John."
  • Student 1 or 2: "Our question is...."

Students should stay at the mic until Rusty or the expert finishes answering their question. The student can then give Rusty a quick "Thank you!" and move to the next group. This procedure will allow all students "on camera" time, even if they don't get to ask a question. In addition it gets all students involved, and takes away some of the pressure students feel standing at the mic alone.

While others are asking questions, the teacher should get the next students ready. Students should be ready & standing at the mic when your turn comes. We don't want to waste our experts time, so have them ready at the mic or lined up at the mic. You don't have to move fast but be organized.

Everyone should listen carefully to make sure their question (or some variation of it) isn't asked by another student. Please try not to ask questions twice.

It's a great idea to have questions written on index cards or sentence strips for younger students. You may think students will remember the questions, but there is nothing like stage fright to clear your mind!

Try to avoid sheets of paper as the rustling is picked up by the very sensitive microphones and can be a distraction.

Writing a "Thank You" letter to Rusty:
Rusty Garrett
P.O. Box 2636
Waco, TX 76702