Registering for a Conference

For every videoconference your school connects with, we require you to fill out the form above.  Even in cases where you register online with another provider, we will still need for you to register.  
Technical support includes:
  • Working with provider to test connections and fill in details for session.
  • Connecting to the provider and to your specific unit. (all you have to do is turn the unit on)
  • Monitoring connection to make sure optimal video and audio is being transmitted as well as making sure you stay connected.
  • Working with the teacher, tech at district and content provider to troubleshoot problems with connection.
Also, when registering for a videoconference with us or another provider please note:
  • Is there a limit to participants?  
  • Is there a registration deadline?
  • Is there a limit to interactive sites?
  • Would you want your site to be interactive?
  • Is there a fee to participate?
  • Are there materials needed for the conference?
  • Is there any preliminary preparing or work that needs to be done prior to the conference?

EDLINK12 Registration Form Detail
  • Type of connection - This can be TETN, ESC12 session, Student Project or Virtual Field Trip.  
  • Event Title  - Name of Event specified on website or flyer.
  • Event # - If there is a number associated with event, common with TETN events. Leave blank if not available.
  • Date of Event
  • Start Time - time event is supposed to start.  Note time zone.
  • End Time
  • District - What district are you associated with?
  • VC unit - Campus where Videoconferencing unit is located or external IP # if you know it.
  • Tech Contact - Who will be the contact in case we need to call and troubleshoot equipment?
  • Tech Contact Phone - Necessary in case we need to call and troubleshoot.
  • Requestor Information - Who is requesting this VC?  Is it a teacher, tech or admin?  Mainly used if filling out the form for someone else.
  • Grade Level of participants if Applicable
  • Recording Permissions - Some students do not have permission to be on camera, we assume schools and teachers take the necessary responsibility to inform us of this or remove the children that do not have permission.  
  • Other information - If you have information regarding your connection such as provider's IP address for VC unit, contact information for provider, or any other pertinent information relating to VC please post it here.